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Backyard Carnival Party - Madelyn turns 9
  • 15 guests
  • 12 June 2010
  • my home / Washington / United States

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face painting
prize table
balloon darts, by far the biggest hit of the party!
ring around the bottles
tickets earned to get prizes
each kid had a bucket to hold their prizes



Jamie K says...

@ 17:57 on Feb 13, 2011

did you make the cupcakes? they look awesome. what is in the cotton candy cups? very cute party.. loved it.


Zsera D says...

@ 21:41 on Feb 13, 2011

Carnival_party10_002_thumb do you have a recipe for these? :)


Behar Party Designs * says...

@ 13:04 on Feb 14, 2011

Carnival_party10_022_thumb This is smart. I may just steal this idea as I have a Sonic & Yoshi Carnival for my son's 6th birthday in March. LOVE the cupcakes. Did you make those? Fantastic!! Great job on this party!


Jennifer C says...

@ 18:45 on Feb 14, 2011

Carnival_party10_002_thumb I don't have a recipe, my friend made them and what she did was layer cake dyed pink and blue with tinted mousse. And topped with whipped topping. They were a big hit!


Jennifer C says...

@ 18:48 on Feb 14, 2011

Carnival_party10_022_thumb Thank you so much, it was a lot of fun! My best friend is a professional cake designer, and she made the cupcakes. They tasted as good as they look!


Jennifer C says...

@ 18:51 on Feb 14, 2011

Thank you so much! My best friend, who helps me with all of my parties, is a cake designer and she made the cupcakes! The little shot cups are just layered cake and mousse, topped with whipped topping! We make some version of those at almost every party, for some reason the little shot cups are always a big hit!


Carolyn H says...

@ 10:15 on Feb 15, 2011

Carnival_party10_010_thumb I totally have to know how you made those cupcakes!!! The sundae ones I can figure out. I can even imagine how the popcorn was made but the hamburgers are killing me!!! I do a huge harvest festival at church in the fall and this year we are doing a big country carnival!! Those would be perfect!!!


Jennifer C says...

@ 14:45 on Feb 15, 2011

Carnival_party10_010_thumb I dont have a recipe for them because I didnt make them, but Bakarella has a recipe that looks similar: Good luck!


Jeanna C says...

@ 20:40 on Feb 27, 2011

Carnival_party10_002_thumb Those are super super cute! Way to go Momma!


Holly Y says...

@ 07:34 on Mar 17, 2011

Carnival_party10_002_thumb So so so cute!!


Holly Y says...

@ 07:34 on Mar 17, 2011

Carnival_party10_003_thumb LOVE these!!


Holly Y says...

@ 07:45 on Mar 17, 2011

Carnival_party10_035_thumb fun idea for your ticket booth & great prizes! Love all the colors!


Holly Y says...

@ 07:47 on Mar 17, 2011

AH-MAZ-ING! This party is so cute & you rocked it in every aspect of the party! VERY cool!


Donyell W says...

@ 14:50 on Aug 03, 2011

Carnival_party10_003_thumb cute


Donyell W says...

@ 14:52 on Aug 03, 2011

Carnival_party10_017_thumb how cute are the snow them


Donyell W says...

@ 14:53 on Aug 03, 2011

Carnival_party10_022_thumb that looks wonderful...great job on this party


Sheree K says...

@ 14:45 on Jul 18, 2012

How did you drape the ceiling, supplies?... Thanks


Jennifer C says...

@ 09:31 on Jul 21, 2012

using plastic tablecloths from party store, cut them in equal lengths and alternated colors, hung using thumbtacks!


Susana M says...

@ 07:06 on Jul 31, 2012

Carnival_party10_006_thumb How do u make those pocorn cupcakes?


Julie T says...

@ 15:28 on Jan 24, 2013

Carnival_party10_003_thumb how did you make these?


Jennifer C says...

@ 17:42 on Jan 24, 2013

Carnival_party10_003_thumb nilla wafers, york peppermint patties, and vanilla frosting tinted yellow and red. Brushed a little corn syrup on the top of nilla wafer and sprinkled sesame seeds. So easy!


Raeon W says...

@ 13:42 on Mar 25, 2013

Carnival_party10_001_thumb I need to know where i can get these desserts for my daughters carnival themed party???


Jennifer C says...

@ 14:46 on Mar 25, 2013

Carnival_party10_001_thumb I made them all myself, did not purchase.


Kathy A says...

@ 15:51 on Apr 06, 2013

Carnival_party10_010_thumb Looks like the "burgers" are a white cupcake topped with coarse sugar before baking, split. Green frosting on the bottom, chocolate donut gem for the burger, yellow frosting, and strawberry slices.


Marcie W says...

@ 16:02 on Jun 07, 2013

How did you make the popcorn cupcakes look so real? We are hosting a baby shower with the theme, 'Alison is ready to Pop!". These would be a cute addition to our dessert table! Do you have any food or other suggestions for a baby shower with this theme? I'm a real rookie when it comes to hostessing parties and can use all the help I can get! Oh, where did you get the cute cupcake sleeves for the popcorn cupcakes? Thank you for your help. :-)


Dani B says...

@ 16:11 on Nov 07, 2013

Wow! This is soooo amazing! I am in awe! So many adorable and genius ideas!


Diane W says...

@ 11:32 on Jan 29, 2014

Carnival_party10_037_thumb A question on this game. I'm planning a party for my daughter next week, but the thought of 9 year olds with actual darts frightens me. Did you use actual darts or something else?

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