Party Recap



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    Bonnie G wrote:

    Beautiful job!! I tried making my own Armoire lady but it just didn't come out right. Do you mind telling me where you found yours and the Be Our Guest sign? TIA

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    Ruth W wrote:

    Where did you get these cutouts of Chip and Mrs. Potts? I'm having a B&B party for my granddaughter and need these for props

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    Celeste V wrote:

    Where did you find the character cut outs on the tables?

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    Sahra L wrote:

    I need this scroll banner sign. Do you know where i can find it?

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    Maria L wrote:

    Where dod you get the sroll banner?

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    Amanda W wrote:

    I would Love to know where you found these beautiful props of the Characters, Please e-mail amandawright85@hotmail.com need for my baby's birthday.

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    Sandy C wrote:

    I do so need this banner. Where can I purchase it from?

  • Jackie A

    Jackie A wrote:

    Hey there! Super adorable.... Where did you find these?

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    Erika A wrote:

    I want to buy the banner. where can I buy it?