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Ramia D says...

@ 05:04 on Jan 10, 2013

How did you make the tree?


Ramia D says...

@ 19:18 on Jan 12, 2013

Can you please email me at on how you made the tree branch decoration


Jennifer S says...

@ 07:39 on Jan 28, 2013

Hi Ramia, Your emails are bouncing back, but here is how I made it. The branch was very simple to make. My daughter and I went on a hunt for a dry tree branch at our local park. Looked for a branch that resembles a Winter tree. I spray painted it brown. For the base, I used a clay pot, also spray painted it. To secure the tree inside I put some heavy rock to give the pot a little weight, put foam inside and put the tree in the middle, hot glued the tree to the foam, and placed some dried moss to cover the foam. I hot glued some flowers to the branches, and that's it, it cost me less than $10, the paint was the most expensive of the materials. Ask away if you have more questions. Jen :)

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