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Meghan's 12th Birthday - Asian Style - Harajuku - Japanese
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  • 09 March 2012
  • My House / Clemmons / North Carolina / United States



Risa B says...

@ 06:50 on Apr 11, 2012

I LOVE THIS!!! I love all the colors, and the Harajuku twist! So. Absolutely. Darling! Thanks for mentioning me! :) You are very talented, and I LOVE how you used the wrapping paper! Well done! Risa B.


Tammy M says...

@ 06:36 on Aug 31, 2012

Thanks Risa, you are the inspiration, love your parties!!


Bittersweet Events says...

@ 21:38 on Dec 30, 2012

Meghaninvite3_web_thumb I am having a Harajuku style party for my daughter in May- where did you find these invites?


Tammy M says...

@ 05:49 on Dec 31, 2012

Meghaninvite3_web_thumb Hi Pamela, I made them ;-)


Lisa B says...

@ 16:32 on Jan 01, 2013

Dsc_0519_thumb Where can ou get unpainted kokeshi dolls?


Tammy M says...

@ 16:36 on Jan 01, 2013

Dsc_0519_thumb Hi Lisa, I made them, you can get all the supplies at Michaels. The bottoms are unfinished wood cups or candle cups, the top head is a ball with a one flat side, and the 'hair' are small balls. I can't remember if I used E6000 glue or hot glue to attach, but either will work. They all come in packages in the unfinished wood/craft section.


Kourtney R says...

@ 20:31 on Apr 08, 2013

Great job on this party!! It's all so cute! Where did you get those invites from? I've been looking for ones with a blonde kokeshi doll :)

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