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  • 18 May 2013
  • Inspirations / Roswell / Georgia / United States



Printabelle says...

@ 11:42 on May 24, 2013

41_thumb Very fun party!!!


Shashonda T says...

@ 16:07 on May 24, 2013

21_thumb Absolutely love the party! What size centerpieces did you buy for the Etsy seller?


April P says...

@ 13:15 on May 25, 2013

Everything is so very cute! You did an awesome job.


Gina C says...

@ 09:38 on May 26, 2013

Great party, amazing details!!


Cassie B says...

@ 23:58 on May 30, 2013

87_thumb Where did you get the little dr kits?


Love That Event B says...

@ 00:36 on May 31, 2013

I love everything!!! It turned out beautiful as you planned Helena you are awesome!!!


Pauperdoll * says...

@ 05:59 on May 31, 2013

I am completely blown away by the beauty and creativity of it all.


Marisol G says...

@ 21:02 on Jul 06, 2013

24_thumb where can i buy those medicine cups i cant find them...


Helena P says...

@ 13:31 on Jul 07, 2013

24_thumb Marisol, The cups were purchased on


Chrissy H says...

@ 16:12 on Jul 11, 2013

Beautiful, Where did you get the sticks or poles from? Everything is awesome, also where did you get the table centerpieces from? GREAT JOB!!!!!


L P says...

@ 11:29 on Jul 26, 2013

Hi, where did you order the super cute doctor's coats from and also toys to stuff? I also love the backdrop. May I ask where you got it? GREAT JOB on this party!! Very cute!!!


Vannessa B says...

@ 11:10 on Jul 28, 2013

26_thumb i absolutely love everything and have reached out to you for help I want everything lol!


Vannessa B says...

@ 11:14 on Jul 28, 2013

70_thumb where did you get th head bands from?


Mel F says...

@ 01:32 on Sep 11, 2013



Sabrina G says...

@ 07:40 on Sep 30, 2013

6_thumb I love your creativity!!!


Shondria H says...

@ 07:31 on Oct 05, 2013

This Party was So Very Creative Loved Everything!!!


Rolanda H says...

@ 20:15 on Nov 07, 2013

13_thumb where did you find the lab coats?


Maricela C says...

@ 21:30 on Dec 10, 2013

94_thumb were did you get the doctor coats?


Erica M says...

@ 08:55 on Dec 22, 2013

Please tell me where you found the lab coats. Great party!


Sade C says...

@ 11:43 on Jan 03, 2014

5_thumb That picture has got to be one of the most adorable things I have ever seen :)


Jah M says...

@ 18:32 on Feb 02, 2014

8_thumb where did you get the dr.jackets?


Marisol D says...

@ 13:06 on Feb 21, 2014

101_thumb Hello, I had a question about the toy clinic cupcake stand that was used for this party. I would love to know was it store brought if so would you be able to let me know from where or was it hand made. If you can send me a message @


Janet Z says...

@ 11:24 on Mar 13, 2014

Hello Helena, I have been admiring your party for a long time. It seems like there was a ton of people but lots of fun. I had a couple of questions for you, hopefully you can answer them. I know many have asked where you got the coats from, I have found some on amazon but are the longer size. Did you rent them or buy them? if so where from? Also, if you could tell me where you got the stethoscopes. Hope to hear from you soon, Thanks


Michelle N says...

@ 13:36 on Mar 20, 2014

8_thumb where did you get the jackets and lab coats


Michelle N says...

@ 10:53 on Mar 21, 2014

42_thumb where did you get the book of boo boos PLEASE I've been searching

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