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Eli's 7th Birthday

Claire B By Claire B  in Birthday


Party Recap

A few months ago Eli was browsing CMP for ideas and he decided he'd just love a lego party.
Thrilled with the idea I set to work - most of the party details you see came from the CMP website and Pintrest - Thank you so much to everyone who has thrown a lego party for all your great ideas.

Apart from the hairclips which were from ebay and the tshirt which I had printed locally everything else was DIY.

I think most suppliers etc have been covered by others but if you'd like to know any details please contact me through

Eli and his friends (and the Dads!) had a great time and being told it's the 'best party ever' makes all the hard work worth it!

Thanks for looking x


Party Highlights

  • Best Dressed

    Birthday Boy Eli in his custom made 'Mad Scientist Minifig' shirt.

  • Activities / Games

    Lego Bingo and lots of building!

  • Budget

    Not huge, we spent a lot on a huge box of Lego from ebay so there'd be lots to play with and use for decor but obviously this will be used again for years. Everything was DIY apart from the hairclips and tshirt which kept the cost down - I had to buy the silicone for the mold to make the chocolate, crayons and cake decs but it was still cheaper than buying them (and more fun!) All the printables were free downloads from the Lego website or I created them myself in illustrator. The lego Bingo was a free download from here All the tablewear was plain colours which is a great way of keeping costs down - and obviously fits in with the theme!

  • Party Favors

    Lego minifigs, Lego keyring/hairclips, Lego crayons & colouring sheet, Lego chocolate, Minifig head mallow pop all in a blue paper bag decorated to look like a Lego brick.

  • What People Ate

    Home made pizza, corn on the cob, blue tongue jelly and icecream, m&ms

  • What People Drank

    Lemonade, orange juice

  • Funniest Moment

    the Dads getting stuck into the lego, I think they had just as much fun as the kids!

  • Best Moment

    the same it is for everyone I expect - being told by the Birthday Boy it was the 'Best Party Ever!!!' <3



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    Maria N wrote:

    These are just amazing! I'm going to contact you for more information, thanks for sharing!

  • Crystal M

    Crystal M wrote:

    Where do i find the templates for these faces? they are so cute!

  • Claire B

    Claire B wrote:

    Hi Crystal, I got them from the UK minifig site - experience has shown they don't show up if you're outside the UK though - I'm happy to email them to you, if you drop me a line I'll send them :)

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    Holly D wrote:

    AWESOME! what a fun fun cake!!

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    Holly D wrote:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these masks! I want these for our Sept birthday party.

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    Holly D wrote:

    And wehre did you get this darling tshirt?!

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    I would love these masks, too! My email is cassandra (dot) elton (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks in advance!

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    I would love to make these mask for my son birthday party could you please email me so I can fine out how to make these.. thanks

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    I would love to make the masks for my son's birthday. Will you please email me?

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    hi! just love the lego mask's! my son is turning 3 this month- please email me link! THANKS!!

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    LOve , Love Love these, where can I get these? please email me with the link or site. thank you1;)

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    These are awesome! Please, email me the link/instructions...pretty please:)

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    Jamie K wrote:

    I would LOVE a link to the masks if you have time! This would be a great addition to my son's lego party this week! Great party, by the way!

  • Jamie K

    Jamie K wrote: address is :)

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    Candice P wrote:

    Can you send me the information on how to do the lego masks, these are fantastic and my son would love these for his lego birthday. Thank you, Candice (

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    I would love a copy of these too!

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    Can you please email these to me! They are awesome. Thank you!

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    I also would love a copy of these they are amazing :))) Thank you in advance.

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    can you PLEASE send me the link to these masks!!!! I need them desperately and soon! :)

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    My son would absolutly Love this mask for his 9th Bithday! Can you please email me the link where I can get this at! Thank you so much!

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    *NEWS FLASH* These masks are now on the mini fig US Site

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    please please please send me a information on the mask....they are awesome

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    Nydia I wrote:

    please please please send me the link to these mask or information on how to make...really really need this!

  • Claire B

    Claire B wrote:

    *NEWS FLASH* These masks are now on the mini fig US Site

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    I would also like to know the information on the mask. They are great. :)

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    can you please send me the link to print these masks. Thanks in Advance

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    Hi I realize this is an older post but am planning a 6th birthday party for my son and would love these masks. Please contact me if you still have the link. Thanks so much!

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    Do you still have these templates availiable. They aren't linking up with the Lego website. Please send to

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    Can I please have these templates emailed to me???? They are super cute, you're whole party was looking at the pics.

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