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Glitzy Mermaid Lagoon - Mermaid
  • 100 guests
  • 11 August 2013
  • Mermaid Lagoon / Upper Marlboro / Maryland / United States



Meghan A says...

@ 10:27 on Aug 29, 2013

The mermaid tails are so cute!! Did you make them or order them from somewhere?? My niece LOVES mermaids and it would be great to get her one.


Raquel D says...

@ 11:41 on Aug 29, 2013

is wonderful!


Suemi S says...

@ 12:01 on Aug 29, 2013

Meghan, The mermaid tails were made by The Lazy Owl, She does wonderful work. Here is her shop on etsy:


Inspiration Z says...

@ 08:36 on Aug 31, 2013



Schenequa T says...

@ 07:29 on Sep 01, 2013

Dsc03038_thumb This is Gorgeous!!!! What a great idea!


Schenequa T says...

@ 07:33 on Sep 01, 2013

Your entire party was a beautiful, unique and STUNNING EVENT!!!!!! You get a perfect 10!


Schenequa T says...

@ 07:34 on Sep 01, 2013

Your entire party was a beautiful, unique and STUNNING EVENT!!!!!! You get a perfect 10!


Tina S says...

@ 18:54 on Sep 04, 2013

lovely! :)


Nicole M says...

@ 16:21 on Sep 12, 2013

Can you contact me I have some questions I'd like to ask you. My email is - Thank you!


Wendy M says...

@ 18:57 on Sep 29, 2013

Beautiful job. :D Where on earth did you find that PERFECT "sequin" fabric? It is stunning, and I'd love to know your source! Thanks!


Suemi S says...

@ 05:59 on Oct 04, 2013

Hi Wendy, I got the sequin fabric from Fabric Empire, bought about 10 yards of it and cut it myself to use for the backdrop and tablecloth. Check them out they have a great selection. Thank you,


Keanna T says...

@ 08:43 on Jan 01, 2014

Img_4976_thumb I love the tablecloths


Keanna T says...

@ 08:44 on Jan 01, 2014

Img_4985_thumb beautiful cake


Vickie D says...

@ 08:54 on Feb 19, 2014

You had an absolute gorgeous party! Do you have anything left that you are willing to sell? You can contact me I would love it! Thanks


Jenn Frances M says...

@ 23:48 on Mar 18, 2014

Img_4910_thumb well it looks as though lots of mermaid love went into Syuri' s Birthday party. Especially, loved the Chandler and silver accents. Mermaids tails were a creative colourful touch and the mermaid cookies were really cute. Did you make those or order them some place?

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