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Hannah's Monster High Birthday - Monster High
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  • 27 May 2012
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Brittany R says...

@ 10:27 on Jul 31, 2012

The student ids are adorable! How did you make them?


Sarah I says...

@ 19:03 on Jul 31, 2012

You can make them right on the MH website! I used pictures of each guest and stuck it in and then let my daughter choose how to dress them up MH style. :)


Megan W says...

@ 06:21 on Oct 12, 2012

001_thumb love these! can you email me and tell me where or how you got these done please


Liz A says...

@ 00:30 on Dec 02, 2012

001_thumb i was looking up ideas and i so this and like but i did not see how she made this so i keep browsing and i found out that if u go on and click on feabook and then select the book go to the next pg and select your photo here select go from there the wed site gives you feather instruction


Nicole T says...

@ 16:50 on Jan 20, 2013

I like the id's too. Where did you find the ribbon.


Tabatha R says...

@ 19:25 on Jan 21, 2013

001_thumb So i have been Trying to print these cards from the website but it just gives me a big purple sq1uare nothing else does anyone here know how to resurrect the issue


Sarah I says...

@ 19:35 on Jan 21, 2013

got the ribbon at Michaels :)


Sarah I says...

@ 19:36 on Jan 21, 2013

001_thumb sorry I'm not sure, it worked for me


Leah E says...

@ 11:28 on Jan 22, 2013

001_thumb I got the same large purple square. :(

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