Party Recap

This is my second lingerie party and to me they are the absolute best bridal showers ever. Every bride should feel pampered and beautiful! I love everything that comes with one of these parties, the pretty intimates, the cocktails, the naughty games. I worked hard to create a party that was suggestive but also very classy and as always within the means of my very limited budget. Entire party costs plus gifts I bought where somewhere between 100-200 dollars.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cake. Chocolate fountain with cream puffs, strawberries, and pretzel rods. I made cake so it wasn't spectacular but I again had all the stuff on hand to make it. Chocolate chips needed for fountain I borrowed was about 3 bags at $2 a bag.

  • Activities / Games

    I played a lot of the same games I did at the last lingerie shower such as pictionary but i found another great game online. "Design the honeymoon panties" I picked up to packs of underwear in the guest of honors size at Walmart on sale total cost about $10. I made a pair to display to give them some inspiration and I put random things I had in a basket that they could use to decorate. Items where as simple as some old twine i had left over and old fabric scraps. I also included a sewing kit in case people really wanted to get creative but it was never used and I took in back. The kit was only $4 dollars or so though. The bride chose the winner and we hung them up on the clothes line I made. We also played pictionary which cost nothing and then we played another game where each guests brings a pair of panties in the guests size and everyone guests who brought which pair. The prizes where simple. I bought three zebra print bags on clearance after valentines day for about .25 cents a piece and I had a gift card at bath, body, and works and I bought the 3 for ten minis and put in each bag. I splurged a little here because I had the gift card but you could go as simple as $1 dollar candles and add a little zebra print ribbon for decoration. Decorations were also very frugal. I had black feather balls left over from my wedding that i hung up. Balloons were I think $2 a bag, I had some hellium left over in a tank from my daughter's birthday and I had the curly ribbon. I bought zebra print paper at hobby lobby on half off from .59 cents a sheet and I only needed about 6 sheets. I used a pickle jar top I think to trace the circles and had some scraps left over to put a piece on the clothespins i had. I just hot-glued them. Since I also did her invitations for her wedding I had plenty of the turquoise ribbon left over that i used to thread the banners I made. I had the black paper and the paint as well. I used fishing wire my husband had to string the feather balls. Cloth I used for the tables most of which i already had, (the black) and the blue i bought at hobby lobby for like 2.97 a yard. And only bought 3 yards. Paper plates and cutlery-Dollar tree One pack large plate, one pack small plate, pack of forks, spoons etc. Total cost $4. Clear plastic punch cups where also $1 for the pack. Champagne flutes were something I had on hand.

  • Budget

    I would have probably spent about 300 but i think it was about 100-200. I Am not sure I am not the best mathematician. Maybe ya'll could help me out with that later. lol

  • Party Favors

    White jellybeans with DIY labels I made. Absolute cost was 0! Jellybeans where left over from a wedding candy bar. Clear cellophane baggies were also left over from another party (I save EVERYTHING) in case you haven't noticed. Stickers were made with diskette labels and Microsoft publisher. Cut them in circles upon printing.

  • Best Moment

    Pictionary is always hilarious. Even though the clues where things to find on the honeymoon ( which i gave ahead of time) the responses where hysterical! Examples of the clues where, corset, candles, hot tub, robe, boxers, etc.

  • What People Ate

    The Bride's Favorites. Chicken nuggets, tortilla chips and rotel, and some thrown in veggies. Not really here favorite but i am a little particular about having color on my food table. I splurged on the chicken platter because it was something she really liked and it turned out to be cheaper to buy then to make. $40 at Chik fil a. Rotel was on hand block of Velveeta was about $5. 2 bags of tortilla chips was $2. Carrots bought manager special for .99cents. Marked down that day! whoot whoot! Ranch was on hand.

  • What People Drank

    Arbor mist, frozen strawberry and margarita cocktails. Bottled water was also served. Arbor mist was about $5. Strawberry mix I had on hand and I had left over coconut rum as well left over from a wedding so I used that as well. I had about half a bottle of tequilla left over so we used that as well and it was more than enough, the strawberry was the most popular. Cherries were about $1.50. Whipped cream was on sale 2 for $5.

  • Most Touching Moment

    This isn't the type of party for sentiments but I think she enjoyed recieving all the really nice gifts. MAde her feel special. I also included on the invitation that gifts could be lotions or beauty products in case people were embarrassed to buy another woman lingerie. All gifts were tasteful though. She stocked up on Victoria secret Love spell which is her favorite scent.

  • Funniest Moment

    When the bride opened up the underwear I had personalized to fit her new last name. She just held them up and didn't realize their was something on them and she couldn't figure out why people were laughing until she turned them around.


    I like to give gifts. Its very important to me that the bride truly feel showered! And I know girly things can be expensive so much people only bring one gift and this being such an intimate shower of 9 people i wanted her to feel like she had a lot to open. I however find deals constantly. I don't know if I just take the time to look or just luck but most of what I bought was a steal. I also I Am quite anal about getting gifts that match the party theme and wedding theme. I know a little over bearing of me. All the gifts I bought: 1 bra set (B&W leopard print)- $5 dollar bra .99 cent pantie purchased at vanity fair outlet. I also purchased another lacy pantie( IZOD) there for .99 cent that i paried with another outfit. I also went to burlington coat factory and unintentionally stumbled across some more deals. I got a black cami for 2.99 that a paired with some DKNY panties I got for 1.99 and I also got a two back pair of turquoise XOXO brand boyshorts. They also had a super cute sheer zebra print camisole for 9.99 that I paired with the lacy pantie I got from Vanity fair. I had also decided I was going to get her a personalized pair of underwear with her new last name on it because I did the same for the last shower and she really loved them so I really wanted to do the same for this bride. I then again found another .99cent pair of underwear of great quality at DILLARDS and I took them to a local screen printing business that only charges 3.00 to screen print. While I was at dillards I was browsing through their clearance rack and found the most gorgeous babydoll in her wedding color. And being me, I couldn't refuse I great deal so I got a super soft excellent quality baby doll for $15.00! I loved it but i felt it could really use a robe, something bridal. I had given up hope that I would find one under $40 so I decided to just give it as is but i week before the party I was a walgreens and thank goodness for their random clothing they have on the ends of their aisles. I found a great black robe for 12.99. I went to hobby lobby the next day and bought an iron-on rhinestone transfer for 3.99 that spelled out bride and ironed it on to the corner robe shoulder. I couldn't believe I found everything I wanted to get her for what I did. I was very excited!


Party Helpers

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