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Hudson's 1st Birthday - Sesame Street
  • 35 guests
  • 08 September 2012
  • My home / California / United States

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Dessert table
Party hat
Cookie monster and elmo cupcakes



Arielle B says...

@ 10:04 on Nov 09, 2012

You did an awesome job! Do yo still have all the stuff? Would you be willing to make majority of these items for me? Look forward to hearing from you


Nichole R says...

@ 12:16 on Nov 09, 2012

Hi, Arielle! Thank you! I have a TON of stuff if you are interested in it. Including 10 favor packs left. Email me


Behar Party Designs * says...

@ 10:11 on Dec 11, 2012

Img_1972-2085993196-o_thumb Adorable!


Valerie W says...

@ 19:13 on Jan 16, 2013

Hi Arielle! I loved all of your ideas, can you please tell me where you got the personalized welcome sign as well as the wall posters for Oscar toss etc Thanks


Ashley C says...

@ 06:38 on Jan 26, 2013

Hi Nichole! Your party turned out amazing! I love all the handmade touches you put in! My son is about to turn two in March and I was wondering if you could help me with a few things. How did you make the feet, hats, and Oscar's sings? If you have some extra time and are willing to help or send files you have, please email me at Thanks so much! I will email you at the above as well incase you do not get on here that often! Again, great party!


Linn V says...

@ 19:15 on Feb 21, 2013

Final_invitegif_thumb Hi where did you get the invites an all the signs with his name on it?


Nichole R says...

@ 20:00 on Feb 21, 2013

Final_invitegif_thumb Hi Linn, I made them all, email me if you want some information.


Candice H says...

@ 21:09 on Apr 13, 2013

You did an awesome job on this party and I am excitedly planning my sons 1st birthday in July.


Candice H says...

@ 21:10 on Apr 13, 2013

Hello, How did you make the personalized coloring books and invitations?


Candice H says...

@ 06:16 on Apr 14, 2013

Img_1741-2086004382-o_thumb Did you buy this sign or make it? If either, where or how ?


Candice H says...

@ 06:18 on Apr 14, 2013

Dsc_0098_thumb I love this packaging!! How did you make them?


Candice H says...

@ 06:21 on Apr 14, 2013

My email is


Lucia A says...

@ 04:46 on Apr 24, 2013

Img_1741-2086004382-o_thumb Candice; here's a How-to


Hallie L says...

@ 12:39 on Jun 23, 2013

Hello, I absolutely love your party! Fun but yet tasteful way to do a Elmo and SS party. Any info on how you created this event would be greatly appreciated. Files, stores, online shops, etc. I am planning my son's 1st Bday part for this Sept :) Did you purchase many items or hand make them? Again, very cute are my inspiration for my J's #1 event! Thanks in advance, Hallie


Nichole R says...

@ 11:39 on Jul 09, 2013

Dsc_0028_thumb I purchased these at Target. At the time of the party they had them in their dollar section but I have not seen them since :(


Kristin M says...

@ 11:40 on Jul 09, 2013

Dsc_0028_thumb Love the favor bags! Where did you purchase these?


Dana Y says...

@ 22:26 on Nov 22, 2013

Hi Nicole I was wondering if you still have the some signs left and if so how are you selling them for? U can please email me at with more info thanks in advance for all your help! ;)


Sharneal S says...

@ 10:53 on Mar 12, 2014

Hi Nicole I would like to know where did you get the personalized coloring books

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