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****This party is posted for inspirational ideas only**These items are not for sale.



  • Cupcake Express

    Cupcake Express wrote:

    so cute love the dessert table looks amazing :-)

  • no photo

    Lashonda M wrote:

    Where can I order this for my baby shower.

  • no photo

    Lashonda M wrote:

    I am so interested in this mickey mouse decoration, I want this theme for my baby shower.. Where do I place my order!! Can someone help me with details

  • no photo

    Brooke M wrote:

    i would love to know where you purchase all this merchandis for a baby shower you can email me at

  • no photo

    Letitia C wrote:

    i would like to know if you can can share where you get the hand from. email me at thank u

  • no photo

    Tiona O wrote:

    I really like this design. Can you please let me know where you got these items from? Please email me at Thank you :)

  • Maritza G

    Maritza G wrote:

    I am having my baby shower soon and I am very interested in this theme how can I get these items?

  • Debbie F

    Debbie F wrote:

    I love the invitation. I can't read the wording on all the invitation. I am having a shower in a few weeks and would like to use this. Where can I get this? and/or purchase?

  • no photo

    Kelly K wrote:

    Really like the decor. I am having a shower for a friend. Can you please share where to get the items?

  • Kim S

    Kim S wrote:

    LOVE the invites - where did you get them?

  • no photo

    Marisol P wrote:

    How can I get this?

  • Erika M

    Erika M wrote:

    I'm planning for my baby shower and I love this theme and the invitation . Can you please share with me where you got the items & where can I purchase the invitation???

  • no photo

    Ayesha S wrote:

    How can i get this

  • no photo

    Michea J wrote:

    How Do I Order This For My Baby Shower Need Before October Please Help

  • Roselyn S

    Roselyn S wrote:

    **~~******~~~~*** Just a friendly reminder....These items are posted for inspiration only. They are not for sale. ***~~~ Thank you, Roselyn

  • no photo

    Toni C wrote:

    How can I order this for a baby shower Before November 17th. Please email me this information at Thank you in advance.

  • no photo

    Linda H wrote:

    I understand that these baby shower ideas are not for sale. What I don't understand is, there is no help with ways to either make these things ourselves or links we can go to get help or to purchase what we need. Someone or someplace had to make the ideas in the pictures. They didn't just appear. I'm a little confused by this web site. I'm glad for the "inspiration", but not being a very crafty person myself, I need more help.

  • no photo

    Linda H wrote:

    Also, the pictures marked with "Cherished By Design" on them, if we use or make anything from those pictures, will we be tampering with "trade mark" violations?

  • no photo

    Linda H wrote:

    The vendor pages and party supply pages don't have any of the things to buy or make from these pictures. We just need help getting started!! Or at least I do!!

  • Avis T

    Avis T wrote:

    I LOVE THIS. Where did you get the supplies so I can get them?

  • Van S

    Van S wrote:

    How can I order