Party Recap

Since my daughter loves Abby Cadabby and Elmo, I knew I had to include them both but I didn't want to do a Sesasme Street party like I've seen very often. Her birthday is in December and is so cold where we live, so I gave the theme a little twist and did an Abby Cadabby in Winter Wonderland Burrrrrr.....thday part.
I just grabbed a few elements of Abby Cadabby, but was mostly inspired by her colors and that's what I played with.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Kids: Counterpillar's Jello layers, O's cereal with raisins and Organic ABC cookies Adults: Red Velvet and Lemon-Blueberry cupcakes, oatmeal-cranberry cookies, double chocolate walnut cookies and caramel cookies, traditional sweets from Puerto Rico and Panama

  • Party Favors

    Kids received a Mad Hatter hat filled with Organic Sesame Street snack from Earth's Best, magic wands for girls and Elmo Red Rabbit hats for boys

  • What People Ate

    Since it was a baby party everything was "Baby Safe" food and I prepared it myself so this is what I had on the menu for babies: Zoey Mouse's Mini Mac N' cheese, Oscar the Grouch of Hearts Chicken nuggets, Rose-ita's quesadillas bites. For the adults I made: Rosei-ta's Taco Bar, Tweedle Dee Tuna & Tweedle Dum Chicken Salad and Zoe Mousey's cheese platter

  • What People Drank

    Kids: Motts for Tots apple and fruit punch juice Adults: Sodas

  • Best Moment

    The whole party

  • Most Touching Moment

    When singing Jenelle "Happy B-Day to you" in English, Spanish and Korean she started to dance :)

  • Funniest Moment

    My little girl didn't know what was going on but she had a blast running around, playing at the ball pit and climbing like a monkey.



  • Yoshi D

    Yoshi D wrote:

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    Pamela M wrote:

    hello every thing looks great i would really like to know where did you get the abby cookies they will be perfect for the gift bags

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    Jessica C wrote:

  • Bianca A

    Bianca A wrote:

    i luv these invitations .. would love some for my daughter party :)

  • Bianca A

    Bianca A wrote:

    hi i loved everything of abby cadabby for my bby's first bday .. i wanted to know where u buy the wand invitations .. did u make them, buy ? email me or msg me back to my page thank u

  • Jermela  H

    Jermela H wrote:

    Hi there!!! I loved your party for your little one!! I'm planning an Abby cadabby party also, can you share with me where you found the wand invitations please. Thanks!

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