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  • 27 October 2012
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Su W says...

@ 15:30 on Jan 10, 2013

What a great party! I was wondering if you could share where you found the dinosaurs you gave away as part of the party favor?


Eka P says...

@ 17:10 on Jan 10, 2013

Hi, Su! I bought them in the Panamanian China Town (Panama. They were about 4 dls each. They were really cute....


Eka P says...

@ 17:14 on Jan 10, 2013

Photo__47__thumb I tried to use papers and materials that I had at home for the invitations. I printed some Dinosaurs images and cut them to use them as letter stamps and paint the little red lines to make the impression of a real letter.


Eka P says...

@ 17:17 on Jan 10, 2013

Photo__3__thumb This is a really cute idea i found in a google search. We made this fossils by combining coffee, salt, water, sand and flour. Inside we put little plastic dinos that the kids had to find using the "special tools" that we gave them.


Jennifer A says...

@ 05:23 on Apr 08, 2014

Photo__51__thumb Where did you find these? My son loves them!


Eka P says...

@ 16:37 on Apr 09, 2014

Hi! I made them...Reallu easy, with cardstock paper and hot glue...:)

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