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Pauline M says...

@ 15:34 on Jul 14, 2012

396793_251468071630847_601017818_n_standard_thumb I love everything about these decorations. I think you covered every detail. Are the animal prints in the circles and on the letters fabric or paper? Love the treat bags showing the fronts and backs of the animals. Love the animals in the green bushes and the two animals holding the banner with Liam's name. Everything is just wonderful! Thank you for sharing this.


Mariposa Event Decor J says...

@ 17:36 on Jul 14, 2012

396793_251468071630847_601017818_n_standard_thumb Thank you so much for all of your lovely comments. The animal prints are all digital backgrounds on paper. Then I covered cardboard letters from Hobby Lobby with the print. What is really cool is the juice covers. They are paper but with a texture that feels like actual amimal fur. Amazing!!! Thanks, again!


Indhu H says...

@ 14:55 on Jun 06, 2013

hi where did u get those favor bags?? they r amazing???

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