Party Recap

This party was inspired by a favorite cowboy baby blanket the birthday loved to be swaddled in as a newborn and some very cute vintage plastic cowboys and indians we found at a flea market. We kept this party low cost by recycling some decorations we had from other parties we had done and just altering them slightly. We also saved money by using lumber that was being thrown out by a neighbor who is remodeling their house. They were thrilled we were taking some of it off their hands.



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    Trenza G wrote:

    love your party how did you make that fun banner. I must make one

  • Carrie Karen N

    Carrie Karen N wrote:

    My neighbor was remodeling their house and had an old piece of rafter in their house that they were throwing away. I grabbed it out of their wood pile drilled holes in the side got some rope to hand it then painted "happy birthday" in a western style font.

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