Party Recap

THis was my first attempt at creating a canopy style head table,with the help of my husband and Maya's dad..... they did it!!! I think it turned out great. something I haven't tried and glad I did. I did all the sewing....ruffles were brutal!!lol



  • Phomma I

    Phomma I wrote:

    Balloon design by myself!

  • Z B

    Z B wrote:

    hi, where did you purchase the wood for the canopy? i would like something like that but can't find it anywhere.

  • Michelle N

    Michelle N wrote:

    beautiful how did you do it i want to do this as well

  • Phomma I

    Phomma I wrote:

    Hi you can purchase this at any home renovation place like home depot.just bring the picture and then they can help you.The front stands are 35"high and the back ones are 45".

  • Phomma I

    Phomma I wrote:

    Hi they are clusters of 4 balloons, they must all be inflated the same size. Use an air inflator,otherwise you will be passing out from blowing them up I then attached the sets with fishing wire,make sure to pull till all the balloons are nestled into each other nicely.I used waterballoons, the size of plums, to weigh each end down.just tie it to the middle of the balloons.

  • Erica M

    Erica M wrote:

    great party!

  • no photo

    Lisa J wrote:

    How to you make the Dora stand ups in the grass?

  • Phomma I

    Phomma I wrote:

    HI the Dora characters I found at the dollar store, as well as the grass. I stuck the grass on pieces of wood and I glued little triangle piece of wood to the back of the dora cut out so I could attach it to the base. Hope that heps!thank you for viewing my party!

  • no photo

    Leslie H wrote:

    since they are air filled ballons what makes the arch stay up?

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