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Mikayla's Harry Potter Birthday - Harry Potter
  • 12 guests
  • 26 February 2011
  • The birthday girl's house / Gilbert / Arizona / United States

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The cake! Those stacked book cakes turn out to be way harder than they look.
The dessert table, before the owl arrived with one of the guests.
My favorite element of the dessert table.
Acid pops.
Sugar cookies.
Sorting hat sugar cookies!



Jillian L says...

@ 12:59 on Mar 06, 2011

Nicole, what an amazing party you helped your friend throw! The cakes are phenomenal, as are all the delicious treats on the dessert table!! Wow! Plus, the activities are so cool! How did they do the ice cube trick? Thanks for adding this party! -- Jillian


Susan Y says...

@ 17:04 on Mar 06, 2011

same question here ! what's the secret of the ice cube trick ? it's an awesome party indeed ! I Love it !!!


Nicole W says...

@ 19:38 on Mar 06, 2011

Just a smudge of food coloring on the bottom of the glass! That's why you cover it with ice and have them hold it in their outstretched hands in a mystical fashion. Adds drama and misdirects from the secret of the trick. ;-)


Nicole W says...

@ 19:42 on Mar 06, 2011

I should add that you prep the cups well ahead of time (days, easily) so that the food coloring is dried and doesn't stick to the bottom of the next stacked cup. I like Americolor gel food coloring for brilliant color.


Robin C says...

@ 16:43 on May 08, 2011

The golden snitch is perfect. I'm attempting to make some cake pops as snitches. Any hints for making them so golden?


Nicole W says...

@ 13:20 on May 22, 2011

Yellow chocolate melts to start (or butterscotch worked well). Then just give it a spray with aerosol gold luster dust, and you can get a beautiful, even golden sheen.


Heidi H says...

@ 20:05 on Jun 14, 2011

1201378387_rxzzy-l_thumb What did you use to change the color? That's a great idea!


Lisa B says...

@ 12:09 on Sep 07, 2012

Hi Nicole, I just finishing off a huge surprise party for my sister in law and we are doing a harry potter theme and if you could help find those certificates that you printed off that would be a great favor for her party. Thanks.


Nicole W says...

@ 12:45 on Sep 07, 2012

The booklets, Lisa? Paulette made them herself. Sorry, they're not available for download anywhere!

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