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Olivia's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 4th Birthday Party - Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • 45 guests
  • 11 June 2011
  • Deep River Rec. Center / High Point / North Carolina



Candance S says...

@ 14:58 on Nov 06, 2011

How do u play find plutos bones n i spy ?


Norell W says...

@ 06:52 on Nov 07, 2011

I purchased some bones filled with crayons from birthday express, and before the children arrived I put all around the party room. Once all the jids arrived I told that Pluto stopped by and he has hidden some bones, the person that finds the most bones wins a prize. That was our first game and each child received a bone with their favor boxes. For I spy I purchased two packs of large shapes from dollar tree. One pack I taped to the walls of the room, the other pack I used to show the kids what shape to run to.

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