Judith H says...

@ 19:43 on Apr 20, 2013

Wonderland_party_3-16-13_041_thumb absolutely enchanting


Judith H says...

@ 19:44 on Apr 20, 2013

Wonderland_party_3-16-13_009_thumb Clever


Judith H says...

@ 19:46 on Apr 20, 2013

Wonderland_party_3-16-13_008_thumb love those centerpieces...where can they be purchased


Judith H says...

@ 19:51 on Apr 20, 2013

Wonderland_party_3-16-13_011_thumb Wonderful Party Decorations


Judith H says...

@ 19:51 on Apr 20, 2013

Wonderland_party_3-16-13_065_thumb Fantastic


Robin C says...

@ 11:12 on Apr 24, 2013

Where do you buy these cut outs?


Huneza S says...

@ 10:40 on Apr 27, 2013

^id like to know the same this is the third party with the same decorations ive seen i love them! Would like to know where'd you get them or who helped decorate.. Your party looks AMAZING!


Missy B says...

@ 23:04 on May 02, 2013

Wonderland_party_3-16-13_049_thumb I would love to know where you got all this! My daughter really wants an Alice in Wonderland Birthday party and I absolutely love this!


Carmen E says...

@ 01:02 on May 06, 2013

Wonderland_party_3-16-13_057_thumb were did you find the props?? I want to do my daughters bday in July and I am having a hard time finding them.


Diane G says...

@ 12:55 on Jun 05, 2013

Where do we buy the cut outs


Jessica V says...

@ 11:41 on Jan 07, 2014

This is beautiful where can I find this?


Idasia T says...

@ 15:59 on Jun 23, 2014

Wonderland_party_3-16-13_031_thumb love these centerpieces. where can they be purchased?

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