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Jeanna G says...

@ 09:59 on Apr 13, 2011

P1000222_thumb sorry the program won't turn it. but you get the idea.


Jeanna G says...

@ 10:00 on Apr 13, 2011

P1000193_thumb the pineta was handmade over 1 week by my 9 yr old and myself. It turned out so good I couldn't break it.


Jeanna G says...

@ 10:02 on Apr 13, 2011

P1000190_thumb I found Panda Bear candy at the good old Dollar Tree and at easter I bought animal paw suckers.


Isabel R says...

@ 01:59 on Jan 22, 2012

P1000222_thumb Super cute! :D


Pandaman J says...

@ 09:30 on Feb 26, 2013

Panda bears are the best party guests. I buy and sell pandas. So if you have any left over pandas or need pandas for an upcoming party please contact me. I can ship next day. Thank you. Please read my profile for more information. Thank you.

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