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Pirates and Mermaids (6th & 3rd Birthdays)

no photo By Brittany H  in Birthday


Party Recap

My son and daughter were born 8 days different years. This proves to be a challenge when planning birthday parties. I've resorted to having their parties at the same time. This year we did a pirate and mermaid themed party.


Party Highlights

  • Activities / Games

    Snowcone truck, water slide, pinata stuffed with water guns, and a snowball fight

  • Party Favors

    Little Mermaid Bubbles and Shell Bracelets for the girls. And a canvas pirate bag filled with a sword, pirate teeth, necklaces, ring pop, a telescope and golden coins for the boys.



  • Angelica R

    Angelica R wrote:

    Good to know! Thanks for the tip!

  • no photo

    Katherine L wrote:

    I love the bathing suit where is it from -ty

  • no photo

    Brittany H wrote:

    Hi Katherine! They're both from I think the mermaid one was also carried last year at Nordstrom, too.

  • no photo

    Brandi U wrote:

    How did you send out invitations for the joint party? I'm thinking of doing the same theme this summer and unsure how to combine the invitation for both children! Thank you

  • no photo

    Brittany H wrote:

    Hi Brandi, I did two separate invitations. She is younger, and not in school yet, so she had a small guest list. He is in school, so his entire class was invited. We have done a dual party before, and I just combined both names/ages on the same invite.