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Power Ranger Training Camp - Power Rangers
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  • 16 September 2012
  • A Park Pavilion



Kim M says...

@ 11:39 on Sep 19, 2012

Very creative! I can tell alot of planning went into your party. I will be having a Ninjago party soon. Thanks for the ideas. =)


Samantha F says...

@ 14:43 on Sep 22, 2012

Dsc00225_thumb where u get the stuff for the shirts like this idea for my child were having power ranger party also


Samantha F says...

@ 15:01 on Sep 22, 2012

were you get the bottle labels and juice boxes?were you get all ur ideas my daughter really want power ranger party i dont know were start


Amarilis F says...

@ 09:27 on Sep 25, 2012

Dsc00225_thumb Could you please tell me where were the t-shirts ordered from?


Paige B says...

@ 13:32 on Sep 26, 2012

Dsc00225_thumb Hello there! I really like the shirts, can you please let me know who made these? Thank you!


Cherie P says...

@ 08:54 on Oct 18, 2012

Can you let me know where you got the power ranger logo for the t-shirts or did you make it? Thanks so much! I have a little Power Ranger party coming up and would love to have that for the shirts.


Dana B says...

@ 13:31 on Nov 03, 2012

Can u please tell me where you found those shirts at and how you make the belts???


Alexandra H says...

@ 20:07 on Nov 06, 2012

Dsc00225_thumb Would like info on how to make the shirts please.


Kristen A says...

@ 20:54 on Dec 05, 2012

Dsc00225_thumb What a cute idea! Can you send me the info on how you did the shirts please?


Deedee N says...

@ 20:55 on Dec 12, 2012

Tshirts are awesome, can you share the source?


Catherine W says...

@ 15:04 on Jan 02, 2013

Dsc00225_thumb I would love to know what you used to make these shirts.


Catherine W says...

@ 15:06 on Jan 02, 2013

Dsc00236_thumb I love the use of pencil cases.


Jessica C says...

@ 16:37 on Jan 08, 2013

Dsc00225_thumb I have to do this for my son's party!!! Please any tips help!!!


Dawn L says...

@ 22:03 on Jan 20, 2013

How did you make the t-shirts and samuraizers? I would love to do this for my little guys party. You did a great job.


Jill H says...

@ 21:58 on Feb 11, 2013

I love everything about this party. It is amazing! My little man wants a Power Ranger party for his 4th birthday. I would love to have more details. How did you make the samuraizers? Also how did you make the belts? Did you make the cupcake toppers? I would just love to have some more info.


Andrea F says...

@ 13:57 on Feb 21, 2013

Dsc00225_thumb Are there details on creating any of these things somewhere? I'm new to this site! I love these shirts.


Patty H says...

@ 07:22 on Mar 07, 2013

Dsc00446_thumb Must say, you really have a talent for putting a Power Ranger Party together!!! Borrowed a few of your ideas for our Aden. Really impressive outcome. Great Job!!!!


Selina V says...

@ 20:34 on Mar 12, 2013

Hi where did you get the juice from?? Love your ideas. Very creative


Samantha N says...

@ 14:56 on Mar 20, 2013

Dsc00225_thumb Would love to know how you made these shirst!


Kenia C says...

@ 12:38 on Mar 22, 2013

hi =) How did you make the samuraizers?? can you please help me?? thanks =)... I love everything about this party !!!!


Candice W says...

@ 11:11 on Mar 30, 2013

Dsc00263_thumb Where did you get the t-shirts? I found them on amazon but they're $20 each!


Candice W says...

@ 11:14 on Mar 30, 2013

My son is about to turn four and loves power rangers. Where did you get the shirts? I found them on amazon but they were $20 each! Yikes!


Ines M says...

@ 23:32 on Apr 02, 2013

I really hope I get a reply can you provide links or resources on how to make the belts and samuraizer s please


Gisele R says...

@ 06:21 on Apr 03, 2013

Dsc00227_thumb Can you tell me how you did this and also the phones? Thanks!!


Stephanie D says...

@ 09:18 on Apr 05, 2013

Love this Power Ranger party! My son is turning 5 and I'm planning his Power Ranger party now! Where did you find the white slap bracelets? And how did you make the belts? Basically just the buckles, where did you find them? Thank you!


Kathie K says...

@ 17:35 on Apr 13, 2013

Lauren - You did an absolutely wonderful job on this party! Can you please share where you got the Power Ranger printables and how you made the t-shirts, belts and samuraziers? I really appreciate the help! I only hope I can do what you did justice. Thank you for your help.


Melissa D says...

@ 10:58 on May 01, 2013

I want to ask the same as Kathie K. Where did you get the power ranger printables, t-shirts, etc. any how to details would be greatly appreciated. My son is turning 6 and wants a power ranger party. I know nothing about power rangers! Help! Melissa


Dawn M says...

@ 20:09 on May 05, 2013

Do you reply to these questions privately? I'd love to know the answers! Sharing would be helpful :)


A D says...

@ 12:12 on May 08, 2013

I would also like information about the printables and what kind of tape you used on the pool noodle swords. My son's party is this week and I have the pool noodles but wanted to see how you did that.


Riley P says...

@ 13:55 on May 09, 2013

Dsc00225_thumb Can you please give me the info on how you made the t-shirts? They are so darling!!!


Ashley D says...

@ 11:43 on May 16, 2013

Has anyone received a response? I love the shirts and other ideas, but need some more direction! Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Cindy D says...

@ 12:25 on May 20, 2013

Dsc00227_thumb Would love to know how you made the t-shirts....My sons 4th bday party is June 23rd and he would be thrilled to have one!


Melissa D says...

@ 10:11 on May 24, 2013

No responses here. But I am in the process of doing my sons PR party. I am going to use either black ducktape or iron on a strip of ribbon for the t-shirts. For the emblem I plan on using iron-on that can be used by inject printers. The dollar stores had quite a bit of other items, foam swords, toy cell phones for samuraizers, sandwich boxes, chopsticks, etc. Hope this helps.


Iris L says...

@ 14:13 on Jun 18, 2013

Dsc00231_thumb hi there, can you tell me what material is around the bottom of each sword? I'm thinking it might be duct tape? Does it stick on pretty well? Or is there a trick to keeping it connected to the sword itself? Thanks! Your party look awesome, btw!


Cissy T says...

@ 20:21 on Jul 22, 2013

Dsc00227_thumb how did you make these belts


Cissy T says...

@ 20:21 on Jul 22, 2013

Dsc00227_thumb also would like to know how you made the samerizors please


Cissy T says...

@ 20:22 on Jul 22, 2013

Dsc00230_thumb does anyone know how these were made


Jennifer C says...

@ 13:30 on Sep 08, 2013

Dsc00227_thumb how did you make these? These came out great!


Kimberly V says...

@ 12:52 on Sep 19, 2013

Dsc00215_thumb Where did you get the neat die cuts for the megazord?


Kimberly V says...

@ 13:00 on Sep 19, 2013

Amazing party!!! I absolutely love it!


Lisa T says...

@ 09:16 on Oct 02, 2013

Iove the party! Would love more info on how to make the shirts And belts.


Tracey G says...

@ 05:03 on Nov 15, 2013

Dsc00227_thumb how did you make these? thanks


Tracey G says...

@ 05:04 on Nov 15, 2013

Also like to know how you made or where you got the shirts from, love the party!!!


Chiquita G says...

@ 19:17 on Nov 16, 2013

hi lauren i love your party. i would love to know how did you make the shirts as well as the belts and the samuraizers


Lisa R says...

@ 00:08 on Nov 18, 2013

Any word on how the tshirts were made or where u get them?


Linda J says...

@ 09:44 on Dec 30, 2013

Dsc00225_thumb These shirts are great! Could you give me more information on how you did this?


Pania P says...

@ 20:49 on Mar 09, 2014

wow seriously awesome party poppped on could u give me info on how you made the shirts the belts and the samuraizers pls id like to use them possibly :-)


E F says...

@ 05:20 on Mar 19, 2014

Dsc00227_thumb Not sure how she made the belts here, but I made a similar belt for my son's Fireman Sam costume. I used Duck Tape. I simply stuck 2 pieces of tape together (sticky side together). Then it looks like she glued spray painted plastic lids onto the belts.


E F says...

@ 07:47 on Mar 19, 2014

Dsc00230_thumb It looks like she made a Duck Tape wallet. Simply Google "Duck Tape Wallet Tutorial" and you should be able to find it.


E F says...

@ 07:49 on Mar 19, 2014

Dsc00231_thumb Looks like Duck Tape to me too. Best bet would be to make sure you wrap the tape all the way around the noodle so that it sticks to itself.


Tuyet H says...

@ 21:25 on Apr 05, 2014

Dsc00225_thumb How'd you do the shirts"

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