Savannah's Magical Garden with Dora & Friends

Megan W By Megan W  in Birthday


Party Recap

Savannah was in love with Dora at the time. She loved gardening and planting flowers. That's how we came up with the Dora's magical garden party! :-)


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cake and many other desserts

  • Party Favors

    Dora backpacks filled with many themed items and candy

  • Activities / Games

    pick a flower, decorate and plant a flower, pin the watch, coloring contest, guessing game and scratch and find backpack game too

  • What People Ate

    Chicken, meatballs, mac salad, pasta salad, coleslaw, potato salad, fruit salad, many desserts, mac n cheese, etc!

  • What People Drank

    soda, juices,water


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