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Vintage Secret Garden Party

Lillian Hope Designs By Lillian Hope Designs  in Birthday


Party Recap

This party was styled for my daughter Lilly’s 7th birthday! She was madly in love with the book and had this great idea to have a Secret Garden Party! I of course jumped on this idea…I love shabby chic and vintage style parties and was so excited to start styling one for her 7th birthday.
I found most of the decorations at garage sales and flea markets! I used a lot of lace? I hot glued large lace trim around the mason jars for the drink cups. I took an old frame that I got at a garage sale and embellished it with lace and other garage sale finds.
In the invitations we sent out plastic glitter keys so that the girls could unlock the magical garden gate as they entered into the secret garden. As the guest arrived they had many {backyard garden games} they could walk around and play as they wished (hula hoops, skipping rope, hopscotch, potato sack races, spoon races with fake eggs, and bubble blowing).
After the girls were finished playing backyard garden games. They got dressed up with some shabby chic accessories and took pictures at the {photo booth}. This was Lilly’s favorite part of the entire party!
Cake and desserts came next! They were able to go up and get as many sweets as their little hearts desired from the dessert table! My friend Alyssa made the beautiful cake and bird cookies. She is incredibly talented and is thinking about starting her own bakery…something I am constantly encouraging her to do! She had some other great cupcakes that we were going to use, but a mild soccer ball accident with her son changed that;-)! Instead she got cupcakes from a local bakery the day of the party (what a lifesaver).
We played find the garden gate key. A friend of mine hid the keys all around the garden. The girls had to run and find them. Once they found one they went to the prize table and picked out their butterfly nets and flower headbands. Then they filled a treat box with magnets, hairclips, and other girly accessories.


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    The dessert table was full of sweets!! Cake, cupcakes, cookies, oreo pops, candy (lots of candy), and more...

  • Activities / Games

    They did lots of outdoor games (jump rope, spoon race, hopscotch, hula hoops, potato sack race, sidewalk chalk and bubbles). They really enjoyed the photo booth!! I had lots of cute things for them to play dress up with and have their pictures taken. They also got to paint flower pots and plant a flower in them. Then they played find the key with the keys they brought from their invitations.

  • Party Favors

    I had four jars full of cute little shabby chic party favors including hair clips for the girls to fill their gable boxes with. They also go to take home butterfly nets, flower headbands, and they planted flowers to take with them!


Party Helpers



  • Jenifer H

    Jenifer H wrote:

    Beautiful party! I always love to see my digital papers being used in party designs. Thanks!!

  • Lillian Hope Designs

    Lillian Hope Designs wrote:

    Jenifer - Thank You;~) I love love love this set of papers...and so did my daughter!! This party was also featured on Kara's Party Ideas....and I credited your lovely work for the papers in my write up! I also used the papers for some teachers gifts at Christmas and everybody loved them!

  • Mechi S

    Mechi S wrote:

    My daughter saw these pictures and for her birthday she wanted to have a secret garden party too!!! Every detail is sooo beautiful!! Where can I send you some pictures of what I made?? Thanks!!

  • Lillian Hope Designs

    Lillian Hope Designs wrote:

    I would love to see them:-) You can send them to me at Hope you are having a great day!! Have Hope, Kara