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Sewing Bithday Party - Lala Loopsy
  • 80 guests
  • 17 November 2012
  • Casa de Ayeisha / Caguas / Caguas / Puerto Rico



Erica M says...

@ 06:21 on Nov 18, 2012

Image_thumb so pretty! Where did you find the standees?


Erica M says...

@ 06:23 on Nov 18, 2012

Image_thumb I love the tin purses and the letters on the wall. Would you mind telling where you purchased them please?


Nadya R says...

@ 05:49 on Nov 19, 2012

Image_thumb Dolls and other decoration are foam throw in my hand paited with a foam machine , any other information you can writr to my email,


Nadya R says...

@ 05:51 on Nov 19, 2012

Image_thumb throw in the letters are cut foam and painted by me


Suzanne W says...

@ 06:38 on Feb 26, 2013

I wanted to know where u got your backdrop? The one behind cake/food table. With the fences on it??


Celimer O says...

@ 00:01 on Apr 12, 2013

Todo bien bonito!! Asi mismo le quiero hacer el cumple de mi bebe de lalaloopsy.


Christine C says...

@ 10:39 on May 04, 2013

Image_thumb Can you tell me how you made the pet decorations? They look great!


Leila Q says...

@ 10:34 on Jun 27, 2013

Wow!!! I can't believe the amount of detail you guys put into this!! What an amazing job! one question....what the heck were the guys doing? LOL I'm a BIG fan of getting Daddy's involved so I was wondering what they were doing lol


J88 M says...

@ 09:57 on Oct 14, 2013

Image_thumb I Love How the kids have there own section. :]


Valerie T says...

@ 16:51 on Feb 18, 2014

Image_thumb is this in hawaii? I live on oahu and am having a hard time finding any decorations. More details pleaseeeee!

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