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Ladricca P says...

@ 10:10 on Apr 08, 2013

23_thumb How did you make these. So cute


Ida H says...

@ 21:31 on Apr 08, 2013

23_thumb Thanks! I just made cupcakes, frosted them white and bought ice cream cones and staked the cupcakes in them with a kabob stick. Then I used M&M's for the gumballs. They turned out so cute! I think looking back at them, I would add a fruit loop to the base to make it look more like a gumball machine. You can make it stick with a dab of frosting.


Printabelle says...

@ 15:14 on Jun 12, 2013

35_thumb Love all the bright colors!


Laura D says...

@ 18:14 on Sep 27, 2013

7_thumb how did you make these?


Ida H says...

@ 19:31 on Oct 04, 2013

Laura - I ground up skittles in my food processor, then made the marshmallows a bit we by brushing water on them then sprinkled the skittle powder on them. Of course, the most time consuming part was separating all of the skittles. :)


Ida H says...

@ 19:38 on Oct 04, 2013

7_thumb Laura - they are ground up skittles. I spearated them all and then used my food processor to grind them up into a powder. I moistened the marshmallows a bit and then rolled them around in the powder. They were so good!

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