Party Recap

My son Mason turned 7 and requested a superhero party! So I cruised Pinterest and collected party ideas and came up with what you see here. I have lots of printable that I am willing to share if anyone is interested!
I made all the capes and masks myself! Bags were purchased on Oriental Trading.


Party Highlights

  • What People Ate

    Hotdogs, chips, Fruit, veggies,

  • What People Drank

    Juice and Soda

  • Best Moment

    Cape choosing!

  • Best Dressed

    All the little superheros

  • Desserts

    cupcakes, cake

  • Party Favors

    Capes, Masks, Totes, bracelets, tattoos, ring pops

  • Activities / Games

    Bean bag toss, pool noodle obstacle course



  • Bambi M

    Bambi M wrote:

    I would love your printables if you don't mind!

  • Amanda G

    Amanda G wrote:

    What's your email address? I can send you what I've got!

  • no photo

    Veronica H wrote:

    Hi Amanda, I am also planning a superhero party for my son. I would love your printables if you wouldn't mind. --V

  • Amanda G

    Amanda G wrote:

    Can I get your email?

  • no photo

    Veronica H wrote:

    Hi Amanda yes..Vespinosa74@yahoo.com. Thank you so much!--V

  • no photo

    Jodi J wrote:

    Hello, I would also like to have your printables! My email is idoj8@yahoo.com. Thanks

  • Mary B

    Mary B wrote:

    Hello, would you mind sending me printables as well. Marybun020@yahoo.com Thank you... N also where did you get your capes and mask.

  • Breinne B

    Breinne B wrote:

    I would love a copy of your printable a as well. Bbreinholt@gmail.com. Super cute party!

  • Allyson G

    Allyson G wrote:

    What a fantastic party - If you would share your printables, I would be very grateful! cabsguard@yahoo.com. Where did you get the capes and masks?

  • no photo

    Leslie M wrote:

    Hi..where did you get those cute bags and capes. Thanks

  • no photo

    Heather B wrote:

    Hi. What a great party. Love the phone booth! Could you share your printables? Thanks a ton. heatherburen@sbcglobal.net Did you buy the capes and masks?

  • no photo

    Kelley P wrote:

    Would love your printables, if you can share! Love your party! He is a lucky boy! Thank you! Kpace@tampabay.rr.com

  • no photo

    Angela R wrote:

    I loooove your ideas and would love some printables pleeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeee :) Also game ideas and descriptions. Thanks so much :) My email is - elagarlew79@gmail.com

  • no photo

    Aline D wrote:

    hello, I am making my son's party man of iron and I would ask your pictures can send me? aline.daiana @ hotmail.com I will be very grateful.

  • no photo

    Jennifer T wrote:

    Hello, I am trying to plan my son's birthday party and would love if you could send me some printables. My email is tu.jennifer@hotmail.com THank you!

  • no photo

    Jaya C wrote:

    hii... the entire setup of the party looks fab..I would love your printables if you don't mind!Planning my sons birthday so it will of great help.My email id jaya.kripalani@gmail.com thanx :)

  • no photo

    Jaya C wrote:

    hii... the entire setup of the party looks fab..I would love your printables if you don't mind!Planning my sons birthday so it will of great help.My email id jaya.kripalani@gmail.com

  • no photo

    Joyce G wrote:

    This party looks wonderful! I would love your printable! Thanks so much for sharing! My e-mail address is joyce.gombeda@yahoo.com

  • no photo

    Kelly W wrote:

    This would be my 5year olds dream party. Can I also receive the printable? Brockelly24@hotmail.com Thanks!

  • no photo

    Fernanda F wrote:

    Hi there, I just loved your party and I am getting a lot of ideas from you... I wonder if you have any printables to share? Thank you =)

  • no photo

    Rach F wrote:

    Hi I love your party ideas. It has really helped me out as I was lacking in inspiration. I would also love a copy of your printables if you do not mind. Farrell777@me.com thank you

  • Jenny B

    Jenny B wrote:

    Hi I would love a copy of your printable a please- it looks like an amazing party. My email is jennybetts1@hotmail.com

  • Brandi Y

    Brandi Y wrote:

    Amazing! Did you make the capes & masks? Where can I get your printables? Thank you in advance! Mumbles1016@gmail.com

  • no photo

    Laura L wrote:

    This looks great! Can you please send me the pro tables? My email is lauraloggins23@gmail.com. Thank you in advance.

  • Amanda G

    Amanda G wrote:

    Hello all! I apologize for not getting back to you all! I was not getting my notifications properly! I have set printable to everyone. If I missed someone, let me know! To some of the questions I seen above: I made the capes and masks myself. :) I'm glad they seem to be a hit. Buying them seemed too expensive to me. I found the tote bags at Oriental Trading. They also have super hero themed bracelets! If you have any more questions, I can be reached at nanda_129@yahoo.com, if my response takes too ling here! Thanks! Amanda

  • Michelle M

    Michelle M wrote:

    Such a cute party! We're planning one soon, and I'm searching for ideas. I found this on pinterest. If you could send me your printables, I'd really appreciate it! My email is: queen_bee101@hotmail.com Thanks!

  • Olivia P

    Olivia P wrote:

    I would like to get the printables you have available as my son is turning 7 in a couple months. I would love to see what you have so that the full plan can get under way for me. I appreciate any printables for this theme(Super Hero) that you have. Also do you have any websites that could be of use to me?? Thanks a Bunch

  • no photo

    Marcie W wrote:

    Hi Amanda! I love your party details. Can you please send me your printables. My son's name is Mason too. I am throwing him a Super Hero party in a couple months for his 1st birthday. Anything you send will be highly appreciated. My email address is marciec.williams@gmail.com. Thanks!

  • Tayla Natryce

    Tayla Natryce wrote:

    I loved this party!! Would you be willing to send me your printables? My son's superhero party is March 9th! After seeing you're party I'm pretty excited! I also purchased those candy buckets from oriental trading!

  • Tayla Natryce

    Tayla Natryce wrote:

    LOVE these labels!

  • Tayla Natryce

    Tayla Natryce wrote:

    my e-mail address is taylaveal@gmail.com

  • Amanda G

    Amanda G wrote:

    Olivia P- what's your email?

  • no photo

    Kylie M wrote:

    Hi Amanda, Can you please send me your printables? My email is kyles_10@hotmail.com They look amazing! you did a fantastic job!

  • no photo

    Susan H wrote:

    Hi Amanda, Love your party theme! Could you send me your printables? I would greatly appreciate it. My e-mail is susan.harden6239@gmail.com. Thanks so much! Susan

  • Rachel A

    Rachel A wrote:

    Great Party! Could you please send me your printable for my son's 6th birthday! My email is rec0211@yahoo.com Thanks!

  • Beverly C

    Beverly C wrote:

    Can you please send me the printables also? Thank you so much. Carolinob@yahoo.com

  • no photo

    Lauren A wrote:

    Your party looks amazing!! Would you mind sending me the printables? I'm having a Super Hero party for my son! My e-mail is: pennstategirl2007@gmail.com Thanks SO much!!!

  • no photo

    Sofia A wrote:

    I know this was posted almost a year ago, but I would love any printables that you can share. Thanks! Lucy3722@gmail.com

  • no photo

    Molica K wrote:

    Even though I'm extremely late but if you still have them, can you please send I to me. My son birthday party is coming soon. Kim.molica@yahoo.com

  • no photo

    Shirrell H wrote:

    How did you make this?

  • Amanda G

    Amanda G wrote:

    My husband cut holes out of a piece of wood. I painted it red, then added yellow paint around the holes. I used paint pens for the black and gold accent lines. For the words, I printed them on cars stock and attached them to the board with modpodge

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