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Sydney's Backyardigan Carnival - Carnival
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  • 26 March 2011
  • My house / Louisville / Kentucky / United States



Amy F says...

@ 21:00 on May 11, 2011

great Party! i just did a carnival theme party too! was so much fun :)


Stephanie S says...

@ 17:36 on May 12, 2011

thx amy!


Lanisa G says...

@ 07:41 on May 22, 2011

What a wonderful party! I love the ticket booth! I am planning a carnival party in August and would love to make one similar! Please tell me where you got it or how you made it? Thank you so much!


Stephanie S says...

@ 05:32 on Jun 08, 2011

I made the ticket booth using a both and 3 wrapping paper tubes hot glued together. Cut 2 small holes to stick the tubes in. I covered it using bulletin board paper.


Asuanta T says...

@ 09:53 on Mar 24, 2012

Hello I giving my son a Backyardigans 1st Birthday party and was wondering were did you get the characters that's on the wall. Thanks


Stephanie S says...

@ 20:34 on Mar 26, 2012

I took coloring pages I found online and had them enlarge. I colored the pages and had than laminated them.

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