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Tahlin’s 3rd Safari Party  Recycle, Reduce, Reuse! & Facebook Business - Jungle, Safari, Animals
  • 68 guests
  • 28 May 2011
  • Our House / Brisbane / Queensland / Australia

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We wanted to have something that greeted the guests as t... [read more]
Image 1. Invites and printables were designed
Image 1. My mum is an retired music teacher so the kids ... [read more]
I am a big believer if you have around 24 kids coming t... [read more]
Also to keep the children entertained we had chalkboard ... [read more]
What would the party be if I didn't make some of my own... [read more]



Sweetz Creations M says...

@ 22:58 on Jun 14, 2011

What an awesome party! You did a fantastic job!


Behar Party Designs * says...

@ 10:29 on Jun 17, 2011

I cannot even believe the perfection of this party. So wonderful. What a true talent! Congrats!!


Betheny T says...

@ 10:38 on Jun 17, 2011

Web-6495_thumb Oh my HEAVENS! That is over the top! I LOVE it. So well put together and just beautiful!


Betheny T says...

@ 10:40 on Jun 17, 2011

Web-6519_thumb WHAT did you stand these up in?? I'm doing cones for a party and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to display them. Please help! ;)


Betheny T says...

@ 10:41 on Jun 17, 2011

Web-6655_thumb Oh my gosh...those are just too much!


Betheny T says...

@ 10:43 on Jun 17, 2011

Web-6524_thumb You didn't MAKE these, did you??


Betheny T says...

@ 10:47 on Jun 17, 2011

Cake_thumb You're kidding have no training and you made that cake?! I am a cake designer and I'm not sure mine would have turned out that good!


Jax Couture Events , says...

@ 13:35 on Jun 17, 2011

Cute Party! I would of given two cupcakes if I had that option!


Terica A says...

@ 22:38 on Jun 17, 2011

Img_7473_thumb hi did you make this or by it?


Daneve F says...

@ 22:42 on Jun 17, 2011

Web-6495_thumb Thanks Betheny..xox


Daneve F says...

@ 22:49 on Jun 17, 2011

Cake_thumb Thank You for your kind words Betheny.. No training just been born into a creative family.. This was my 2nd cake attempt ever.. But as I said I did have to re do the middle cake hehehe


Daneve F says...

@ 22:50 on Jun 17, 2011

Web-6524_thumb No I didn't I bought them..not that good heheheh


Daneve F says...

@ 22:52 on Jun 17, 2011

Img_7473_thumb Hi Terica, My husband hand drew it on a sheet of chalkboard then cut it out with a jigsaw tool. Then just light sanded the edge of it.. xoxo


Daneve F says...

@ 22:59 on Jun 17, 2011

Web-6519_thumb I used a recycled cardboard box lid covered it in brown paper then hot glue hessian around it. I then made 12 hole in it bigger enough to stand the cones in, and just spread the wood shred over the top that you can see in the photo.. You can also use covered foam and make holes in it...Also I know there are hospitality store make plastic cone holders too.. xoxo


Events Ualities . says...

@ 09:31 on Jun 30, 2011

This by far is my favorite Catch My Party submission I've seen. Hats off to you!

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