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 Princess Tiana and The Frog Picnic - PRINCESS AND THE FROG
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  • 08 October 2012
  • Kenneth Hahn Park / los angeles / California / United States



Sofia L says...

@ 22:57 on Jan 26, 2014

This is such a beautiful thing for your little one.. I have been dreaming of the same dress your little one is wear, for my little princess would you help me out but informing me of where can I find this dress or maybe the close up of the front and back of it so i can have it made.. Thank you for your help!


So D says...

@ 23:59 on Feb 09, 2014

I got this dress from the Disney Store in 2010 on sale. It was the very first Tiana dress. It came out around the time the movie did in 2009 and retailed over $100 dollars. Now they make a lot of glitter doused dresses. I bought it then and saved it until my daughter turned 4. Good thing I did because they have discontinued Tiana. Here is the only photo I could still locate online. Also all of the cream part(3 layers)on the bottom of the dress is on a separate tier than the green. good luck!

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