Party Recap

We introduced one of our Summer time favorite classic characters to the party scene this year. Our Little Mermaid theme prop collection became very popular this summer for many pool side parties. This is one we set up and designed for both the children and adults to enjoy.


Party Highlights

  • Party Theme Props

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  • Lakessa L

    Lakessa L wrote:

    Love it

  • Katrina M

    Katrina M wrote:

    where did you get these wooden characters from? I would like them for my party!

  • no photo

    Kayla M wrote:

    This party is amazing. Where did you get all of the cut outs?? I would LOVE to buy them from you. Would you be willing to sale them? Make me an offer to buy and ship them.

  • no photo

    Oceana E wrote:

    No wonder it has 68 cupcakes! ONE FROM MEEE!

  • no photo

    Oceana E wrote:

    Nice drapery

  • no photo

    Melissa R wrote:

    Hi, I am in Australia and was just wondering if there was any chance of getting a few of these posted to me? I wouldn't have any idea where to get any of this stuff over here. Thanks

  • no photo

    Melissa R wrote:

    I should have specified that I am just wanting the contents without the vases

  • Deb Farrell P

    Deb Farrell P wrote:

    hi there.. wondering if this can be purchased or if you can tell me where to get supplies

  • no photo

    Veronica L wrote:

    Where did u get these cutouts?

  • no photo

    Desiree V wrote:

    How can I purchase some of these items?