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Vintage Pony Party - Pink Brown Vintage Ponies
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  • 28 April 2012
  • My Backyard / Graham / Washington / United States



Tee T says...

@ 18:25 on May 01, 2012

where did you get the milk jars?


Valencia C says...

@ 18:39 on May 01, 2012

Wowzwers, nice job!


Shashonda T says...

@ 18:46 on May 01, 2012

Img_0093_thumb You did an amazing job with the details of this party! Where did you find her skirt?


Karina R says...

@ 18:58 on May 01, 2012

The milk bottles were found at a local antique store.


Karina R says...

@ 18:59 on May 01, 2012

Img_0093_thumb Thanks! I found it at Costco.


Victoria L says...

@ 20:04 on May 01, 2012

Beautiful! And that little girl is a heartbreaker!!


Charilee N says...

@ 20:46 on May 01, 2012

IN LOVE with this party. Beautiful job. It's giving me so many additional ideas. I'm throwing my son a Milk & Cookies themed party this weekend, but I want to go with a vintage farm feel and this was a great inspiration.


Shashonda T says...

@ 16:52 on May 04, 2012

Img_0028_thumb Love this name rope idea! Where did you find the rope?What kind of rope is it? How did you get it to stay in place? I would love to try this for my daughter's farm themed party!


Christine K says...

@ 12:41 on May 07, 2012

This is AMAZING!!! I have never seen something so cute!!! I LOVE EVERY DETAIL!!! Fabulous job!!!!


Christine K says...

@ 12:44 on May 07, 2012

Oh ya, and your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOW! That outfit she wore, so stinkin' cute!!!


Amber S says...

@ 10:46 on Aug 23, 2012

Img_0083_thumb Is this puddin? It looks yummy


Erica F says...

@ 20:34 on Nov 03, 2012

Where did you get those invitations? Love it..


Cristina V says...

@ 23:24 on Jan 22, 2013

Really love your horse silhouette picture. Could you share where you found the image that you used? I think yours came out way better than the Pottery Barn version.


Karina R says...

@ 09:06 on Jan 23, 2013

Thanks Christina! If I remember correctly I went to the Deviant Art website and searched for photoshop horse brushes, you could search for horse silhouette as well. Unfortunately it's been so long I have no idea who the artist was but I really hope this helps!


Silviya S says...

@ 12:33 on Feb 19, 2013

Img_0044_thumb Amazing! Love every detail. Could you share where you got the wooden horse board and the cowboy boots for your daughter? Thanks!


Jennifer M says...

@ 19:53 on Mar 28, 2013

I feel the same about the horse art. What size did you make yours?...the scale seems just right. I found the image on Deviant but don't have PS, any pointers? Also, did you print it in sections to get a horse image that big? My printer handles letter and legal ;-) Any additional info would be much appreciated, I know, I'm super detailed, sorry!


Ceri F says...

@ 11:20 on May 12, 2013

Img_0051_thumb Where the tags ordered or made? I would love to know the font that was used!!


Karina R says...

@ 20:40 on May 13, 2013

Jennifer, I'm sorry I didn't see you comment sooner than now! I don't know if you'll see this but I'll try to answer for anyone else wondering about the horse silhouette. I made the horse silhouette fill a 8.5X11 page and then took it to Staples. I had them print it to fit the wood panel that I had made (which is 3X4 feet). The print from Staples was under $10. I had to cut out the horse. Then I sprayed adhesive on the back of the horse and stuck it to the wood panel. After that I spray painted over the entire thing. Once it dried, I peeled of the horse paper and voila!


Karina R says...

@ 20:42 on May 13, 2013

Img_0051_thumb Ceri, I used a set of letter stamps that I bought at Micheals years ago. They are individual letters that you can put together to spell anything you want.


Jessica D says...

@ 15:46 on Aug 23, 2013

Wondering where you found her vest? I've been searching high & low for just the right one but am having no luck!


Karina R says...

@ 01:44 on Aug 28, 2013

Jessica, I bought the vest at Target but that was about two years ago now :(

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