Party Recap

My daughter Tallula is absolutely in LOVE with horses. So with her 4th birthday on the horizon I started compiling ideas for a pony party. I decided on a vintage feel with pinks and browns as my color scheme. Most of the decor was borrowed from around my house and props from my photography studio. For example, the vintage chenille table cloth is actually a blanket from my daughters room, along with the pink dresser used for the drink station. The antique french doors, trunks, saddle, lasso and all of the crates were snagged from my studio. I don't believe that it's necessary to spend a small fortune to pull off an incredible birthday party. One of the things I did to save money was to replicate the horse silhouette that I had seen at Pottery Barn. It was a super easy project that cost a whopping $10. I also created the "Lula" sign myself. Inexpensive burlap was used for the table runner on our farm table, the centerpieces were various sized mason jars filled with blooms from our yard. The food table was filled with different types of cookies, caramel apples, apple pie, cake pops, P.B&J sandwiches, pudding in jars, coconut cupcakes and the ribbon cake made by Natalie of Cuppy Cake. All of the tags, cupcake flags and the mini bunting cake topper were made by me. The drinks were strawberry and chocolate milk served from vintage milk bottles, along with pink lemonade served in mason jars. Behind the drink station I strung twine and used clothes pins to hold up the goody bags. The goody bags were simple brown bags with a doily topper, attached to the bag was an adorable hand stamped thank you card.
We had to most adorable pony named Spirit come to the party. It was supplied by the amazing Marlena Mann a local (Puyallup, WA) woman who teaches horse riding lessons. She took the time to teach the kids some horse facts and taught them how to be safe around the pony. Forget about all the cute details of the party, the pony stole the show! The kids lined up and waited ever so patiently for their turn to ride Spirit. It was the perfect addition to Lula's Pony Party


Party Highlights

  • Desserts

    Cake, coconut cupcakes, cake pops, cookies.

  • Activities / Games

    Pony rides.

  • What People Drank

    Strawberry and Chocolate milk. Pink lemonade.



  • no photo

    Tee T wrote:

    where did you get the milk jars?

  • Valencia C

    Valencia C wrote:

    Wowzwers, nice job!

  • no photo

    Shashonda T wrote:

    You did an amazing job with the details of this party! Where did you find her skirt?

  • Karina R

    Karina R wrote:

    The milk bottles were found at a local antique store.

  • Karina R

    Karina R wrote:

    Thanks! I found it at Costco.

  • Victoria L

    Victoria L wrote:

    Beautiful! And that little girl is a heartbreaker!!

  • Charilee N

    Charilee N wrote:

    IN LOVE with this party. Beautiful job. It's giving me so many additional ideas. I'm throwing my son a Milk & Cookies themed party this weekend, but I want to go with a vintage farm feel and this was a great inspiration.

  • no photo

    Shashonda T wrote:

    Love this name rope idea! Where did you find the rope?What kind of rope is it? How did you get it to stay in place? I would love to try this for my daughter's farm themed party!

  • Christine K

    Christine K wrote:

    This is AMAZING!!! I have never seen something so cute!!! I LOVE EVERY DETAIL!!! Fabulous job!!!!

  • Christine K

    Christine K wrote:

    Oh ya, and your daughter is BEAUTIFUL!!!! WOW! That outfit she wore, so stinkin' cute!!!

  • Amber S

    Amber S wrote:

    Is this puddin? It looks yummy

  • no photo

    Erica F wrote:

    Where did you get those invitations? Love it..

  • no photo

    Cristina V wrote:

    Really love your horse silhouette picture. Could you share where you found the image that you used? I think yours came out way better than the Pottery Barn version.

  • Karina R

    Karina R wrote:

    Thanks Christina! If I remember correctly I went to the Deviant Art website and searched for photoshop horse brushes, you could search for horse silhouette as well. Unfortunately it's been so long I have no idea who the artist was but I really hope this helps!

  • Silviya Schimenti

    Silviya Schimenti wrote:

    Amazing! Love every detail. Could you share where you got the wooden horse board and the cowboy boots for your daughter? Thanks!

  • Jennifer M

    Jennifer M wrote:

    I feel the same about the horse art. What size did you make yours?...the scale seems just right. I found the image on Deviant but don't have PS, any pointers? Also, did you print it in sections to get a horse image that big? My printer handles letter and legal ;-) Any additional info would be much appreciated, I know, I'm super detailed, sorry!

  • Ceri F

    Ceri F wrote:

    Where the tags ordered or made? I would love to know the font that was used!!

  • Karina R

    Karina R wrote:

    Jennifer, I'm sorry I didn't see you comment sooner than now! I don't know if you'll see this but I'll try to answer for anyone else wondering about the horse silhouette. I made the horse silhouette fill a 8.5X11 page and then took it to Staples. I had them print it to fit the wood panel that I had made (which is 3X4 feet). The print from Staples was under $10. I had to cut out the horse. Then I sprayed adhesive on the back of the horse and stuck it to the wood panel. After that I spray painted over the entire thing. Once it dried, I peeled of the horse paper and voila!

  • Karina R

    Karina R wrote:

    Ceri, I used a set of letter stamps that I bought at Micheals years ago. They are individual letters that you can put together to spell anything you want.

  • Jessica G

    Jessica G wrote:

    Wondering where you found her vest? I've been searching high & low for just the right one but am having no luck!

  • Karina R

    Karina R wrote:

    Jessica, I bought the vest at Target but that was about two years ago now :(

  • Anne F

    Anne F wrote:

    Where did you find the pony for the cake?

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