• Sarah I

    Sarah I wrote:

    how did you make the bows??

  • Erica F

    Erica F wrote:

    Hey Sarah! I made them with homemade marshmallow fondant. 1)You mix a bag of melted marshmallows with a bag of powdered sugar. 2)I squished it flat between two sheets of parchment/wax paper 3)Cut fondant into long strips 4)take the ends of the strips and fold them in to the middle 5)squish the middle to make the look more bow-like 6)cut a small piece of fondant and wrap around the middle (I wet the ends of the small piece just a little so it would stick together.) 7)refridgerate so they firm up a bit (I kept them in the fridge overnight) I hope that helps!

  • no photo

    Tarayn C wrote:

    Just found this!! I'll pass along! thanks!

  • no photo

    Patty C wrote:

    what kids of cookies did you use as ears?

  • Erica F

    Erica F wrote:

    Hi Patty! I used fudge covered oreos right from the package.

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