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    Melissa C wrote:

    Where did you find the bag toppers for these? I've been looking everywhere for something similar!

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    Rebecca A wrote:

    Hi Melissa C. I designed them myself. If you'd like to give me your email address, I'm happy to share the file with you.

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    Laura S wrote:

    Rebecca, could you please share the file with me as well? laurabeth7@hotmail.com! Thanks! I would really appreciate it!

  • Carlie T

    Carlie T wrote:

    could you share the "Lions and Tigers and Bears Oh my!" with me as well? So darn cute! carliethompson123@gmail.com

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    Mandi M wrote:

    Could you please share this for my daughters birthday party next weekend!? I love it! mandilaine@gmail.com

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    Jessica B wrote:

    Hi! Can you please share the file with me? This is so cute! JessicaRBaum@gmail.com

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    Jami B wrote:

    Can you please send me the file? My daughter is in a musical this weekend and I would really love to make these for the bake sale!