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Kiki's C

Central Florida , Florida , United States

I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything creative, interior design, decorating, baking, cooking, gardening, sewing, painting, is the ultimate bliss, the act of being creative...! I love anything aesthetically pleasing or turning lemons aka "Junk" into Lemonade!...Martha Stewart is my hero. I also love organizing and of course having fabulous parties!!! :))

my parties...

Spongebob Birthday Party - Spongebob Square Pants
  • 20 guests
  • 14 September 2013
  • Bikini Bottom / In a Pineapple Under the Sea
Nie Nie's "My Little Pony Party" - My Little Pony
  • 20 guests
  • 27 April 2013
  • Ponyville! of course! / Ponyville! / Florida / United States
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