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Pinky And Blue Boy

Walker , Louisiana , United States

I live to throw a Party!!! I love to host events at my home. I can easily obsess over party details for hours and hours at a time. I always try to get started planning months in advance!!! I started a Party business - figured why not help others share in my talent, and fill my time with a job I would love!!! I've been so happily married for more than 9 years now!! I TRY to always stay positive and look at the bright side, and of course throwing parties helps do that! There's just something so joyous about gathering with family and friends!

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I can personalize and customize my products to match almost every theme imaginable!!

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Carly 3rd Birthday - Disney Princess Party
  • 100 guests
  • 15 April 2012
  • Backyard / Louisiana / United States
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