Rachel W

Rachel W


Kentucky, United States

More about me

My name is Rachel and I am the Founder of and Creative Director for PARTePRINTS, a graphic design business specializing in Printable Party Decor and Invitations. I have loved to design and create as far back as I can remember. From planning parties to wrapping gifts to decorating a home, I am always searching for a way to release my creative energy. I feel most successful when something I've designed makes others feel special and happy!

After earning a college degree in advertising/pr and communications, I began a successful career in sales and marketing. Always the over achiever, I strived to be the best. My work was a huge part of my life, UNTIL my husband and I were blessed with a sweet little baby boy, and our whole world changed. I put my career on hold to be a full-time mommy! During Kessler’s nap times and when he is playing with his grandma, I found time to plan and design parties for my friends and relatives. I took some design classes to refresh my skills and one day it occurred to me to explore working in what I, styling and parties! So, PARTePRINTS was born. I'm now blessed with another sweet baby boy and still loving to create special memories through printable party decor.

I love creating a party that is really special for the host and enjoyed by all who attend. I would love to help make your special occasion memorable! Visit my Etsy Shop at