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About A Little Treasure

I'm Kristy, the sole Designer/Creator of A Little Treasure!

My creative path started pretty much as soon as I could hold a crayon. I was always really good at coloring and art. I won coloring contests ALL the time as a child and my mom said when I was 3 I colored better then any 6 year old. In 5th grade I had my artwork chosen to be displayed in my local art gallery. So even from a very early age my talent was definitely art, color and design.

As I grew I knew I wanted to do something in the art and design field. I bounced around between Architecture, Interior Design, Fashion Design and Graphic Design. I decided Graphic Design was the best fit for me and started my journey. I graduated in Multimedia Design and Communications in 2002 and have been creating digitally ever since.

In 2007 is when I decided to create my website www.alittetreasure.com selling invitations and announcements. It eventually evolved into the DIY Printable files I sell here on Etsy. In the Summer of 2013 I decided to open up Willow Lane Prints: www.willowlaneprints.etsy.com and offer all kinds of artwork for kids, wedding and home.

I am first and foremost inspired by COLOR! I love to find unique and beautiful color palettes and generally is the first thing I look for when decided on a new design. I am constantly looking for the hot new color trend to incorporate into my art. However, I have to love it as well before I will use it. Every design in my shop I absolutely love!! I wouldn't post it otherwise. When I'm making something up I think… "would I choose THIS design?" and if the answer is YES! then I post it:)

Another thing about me is I kinda have expensive taste;) So because of this I only offer the best of the best in terms of my printed cards. I do not print anything myself, I use the top of the line professional photographers imaging studio for all printed cards. You can rest assured you will get professional quality when purchasing from A Little Treasure. My prices are a little higher then some others stores you may find on Etsy but I assure you, you are getting what you pay for.

Thank you for stopping by:)