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Seoul, Korea

About Paperholic

Bringing smiles with paper & ink one sheet at a time...
One dark and stormy night a restless mom decided it was time to trace back to her creative roots and create fun DIY printables as a means to keep her children entertained and filled with imagination. Wielding a leaky pen and some wrinkly scratch paper... Paperholic was born!

Well... it wasn't exactly dark and stormy, but it was raining. (I hope that counts...) Anyways, I was desperate to find a fun project that would keep my kids happy and entertained. Since I had a artistic background and a degree in Design, I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to combine both of my favorite pastimes. Thus, Paperholic was created with the vision to help entertain your special events with adorable designs everyone will cherish...especially your kids.

I hope to provide you with fun and adorable printables that will bring sparks to your parties, homes, and hearts. Thank you so much for dropping by my shop. It is a work in progress that I take seriously and hope to provide many more wonderful printables for the years to come.