All Natural Baby Sling Made to Carry Baby or Toddler Close and Keep You Comfortable with Hands free customizable

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This sling is made in three sizes. The only difference is the length of the tail. Technically the tail should come at least to you hip. Now my sister insisted on me making her a bigger sling because she likes to have enough fabric to use as a cover for nursing or just to cover baby up if needed. So the one shown in turquoise with owls above is the large and fits all size women and dads. The small is really for those who feel the tail would just be too long for their needs. The regular is shown in a dual tone sling above, a perfect size for everyone with just less tail. These slings are selling quickly and are loved by all. A sling is a great gift for all new mommy's and daddy's. Each sling will come with care instructions and a list of friendly sling sites to show you all the neat ways to hold baby. The rings used are completely strong aluminum and the best rings for sling carriers. Rings come in many colors and chosen color appropriate for each sling.