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Glitter Me! By Glitter Me!

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A Star Is Born - I need to take new pictures of this adorable banner as these photos just do not do justice to the cuteness but I wanted you to see it sooner than later.

I have made this wonderful creation for the star in your life. I think it seems more like boy but the colors are definitely gender neutral. A hand glittered border around each letter adds a little sparkle to the cute and fun patterned backgrounds.

Don't like this design or phrase - order one of your own. I welcome custom orders and can work with you to coordiate to your theme or decor.

Cardboard chipboard is sandwiched between patterned scrapbook paper and coordinating cardstock on the opposite side. Each section is 4 inches x 4 inches, treated with a protective coating, embellished with glitter and various other items such as stickers, flowers, ribbon, buttons, etc. Each section is held together with quality ribbon. Additional ribbon is added to each end for ease of hanging. Each sign is a one of a kind creation and with the proper care and storage (keeping away from water) should last for many years. My creations are made with quality materials and have a chipboard core which makes them much more substantial (yet lightweight) than a sign or banner simply made of cardstock. .

Size: - 4 inches high x 56 inches long (this does not include the additional ribbon on each side)

Please keep signs out of reach of children. Do not display on or near cribs, beds or other children’s furniture. Small pieces can present a choking hazard.