15 Small Brown and White Kraft Food Trays, Brown Paper Tray, French Fry, Party Trays, Sandwich, Birthday Party, Nachos, Popcorn

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Brown Kraft Food Tray / Boat, Snack Trays, Popcorn Tray, Movie Night, Football Games, Parties
Serve your HOT DOGS, FRENCH FRIES, CHIPS & DIPS, PARTY TREATS, You will love these fun "easy to use" thick brown and white kraft food trays. Perfect for serving sandwich and fries, chips & dip, nachos & cheese, veggies, popcorn & nuts Or fill with sweet treast such as donuts, cookies, brownies and more. Great for cook outs, tailgating parties, carnival parties, birthday parties, catering, sports events, baseball, football games, movie nights

15 Brown Kraft Food Trays
Small Tray 6" long X 4 1/2: wide X 1 1/2" deep
Made In USA

The Party Fairy