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What's small, silent and smells like carrot cake?


Flavor: Carrot Cake

Well, although it may sound gross, the flavor of this balm is amazing!

The boys just love this lip balm!


All Natural and Vegan Friendly.

Made to order to ensure freshness.

Our own hand blended ingredients give you a smooth, creamy, non waxy, non greasy lip balm.

* This lip balm has a slight color tint naturally occurring from the essential oils and flavor oils. The color should not show on your lips.

*****Our lip balms DO NOT CONTAIN MICA!!!
Mica is made from pulverized (crushed) rock which tends to have sharp microscopic edges causing micro-tears when buffed onto the skin. Therefore making your lips even more chapped and damaged!

You will get one lip balm with this purchase. Your lip balm comes in a .15 oz. tube with perforated shrink seal for your protection.
*Labels are not water proof. To protect the label, please only remove the shrink seal from the top of the cap by running your fingernail around the perforation.

Please note that our lip balms can melt during the shipping process, especially if delivered to high temperature areas. We are not responsible for this and we count on you to use your good judgment when ordering.

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