Bunting Flags Party Decoration Giant Dots, Stars, Stripes, Houndstooth Navy Orange Grey Tan

BooBahBlue By BooBahBlue

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Handsome Pennant Flags cut from beautiful fabrics in Navy, Tan, Orange and Grey. 100% cotton fabric and a great choice for a little boys room or to decorate a Birthday party or baby shower.
Also a great size to backdrop your photos. These colors are great for so many occasions!

Each flag is 8x9" and there are 6 double sided flags per strand, each is different. Since it looks just the same on the backside you can hang it anywhere. The over all strand length is about 4 feet for the flag portion and there are about 12" extra on each end for hanging.

The bunting is sewn onto orange cotton binding. The flags may be hand washed and ironed whenever needed.

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