Car Tote Bag, Eco Felt Handbag for Boys

Stitchinnetka By Stitchinnetka

Product Info

This vibrant and colorful tote bag is the perfect size for kids all ages, the younger ones love it. Its light weight makes it perfect for carrying their favorite items such as…small toys, notebook w/crayons or water bottle and a snack. I have been making this kind of handbags for many years now and they had been tested and beloved by children for many years and still have remained in great shape.

Kid-inspired boy-friendly appliqué design is hand sewn to the bag with high quality embroidery floss. My 4-year old son loves to carry around his cars in it.

I made this tote using Eco-felt (also known as Ecospun), that is a high-quality polyester fiber made from 100% certified recycled plastic PET bottles. On average, 10 plastic bottles produce 1 pound of fiber.Recycled Eco-Felt meets the Consumer Product Safety Act for lead limits, making it a great choice for children.

The bag measures approximately 9’ 1/2" wide, 8" tall, and 3’ 1/2" deep. The overall height of the purse including the handles is 12”.

Spot cleaning or hand wash only.

All my products are specially wrapped for you.

All designs are mine. Please, don't copy it for commercial use.