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Commercial License Only for Clipart and Paper packs ONLY. Commericial License CAN NOT be used with party packages. Commercial License Fee $20 per set. No credit Needed


1- NON-PROFIT - If you are going to use the graphics for PERSONAL use and there is NO PROFIT, then purchase with this option.
2- COMMERCIAL( CREDIT REQUIRED): If you are going to use graphics on a product you are creating and sell this product, then purchase with this option. YOU MUST GIVE CREDIT TO DESIGNER and LINK BACK TO STOCKBERRY STUDIO'S ETSY WHEREVER THE ART IS DISPLAYED.

i.e GRAPHICS by Stockberry Studio ©

3- COMMERCIAL ( NO CREDIT REQUIRED) If you do not wish to CREDIT US then purchase with this option . You pay extra fee for this option (usually 20 usd) and you do not have to credit Designer.

All Credits must be placed on the same page as the product ( in product description) NOT on seperate pages. If you do not follow this Rule. You will be contacted by our Copyright team to make sure your crediting is appropiate.

If you are a retailer or Wholesaler and produce more than 1000 copy of any products
Please email us for MASS PRODUCTION LICENSE.

NONE OF THE PURCHASE OPTIONS give you COPYRIGHTS. Stockberry Studio hold the copyrights of these images at all times.

© 2010 by Stockberry Studio