15 CowBoY Hungry Man Burger Baskets - Berry BASKETS-TaGs- Ribbon included CraTes- Better Now WITH -LIDS-Ready for HoMemAde SloPPy Joe's

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Berry Crates / Baskets...Now WITH -LIDS-

15 FarMeRs MarKet PlasTiC Lids MaDe JUST For The Berry CrAtes!!!
15 yards of "Tie me Pretty" cotton ribbon (colors listed at time of sale)
15 Kraft Labels _STAMPED_(options at time of sale)

see Lola's Shop for FaBuloUs...

___ WoodeN CutLerY!! __ LINK BELOW


___Lunch Boxes__

***_OTHER ITEMS IN PIX "NOT INCLUDED" with this listing_***

What a Perfect way to deliver your "infamous" HomeMade PoundCake and Fresh Strawberries as a Party Favor or Neighbor Gift!.

Fill them with Fresh Peaches, Grapes & Plums .. scatter them around your table and watch your Guest 'Hand Pick' their choice! great way to 'simplify' Appitizers :)

Great at a buffet filled with Shelled Peanuts,. PopCorn and Chips....such a 'Old School, Vintage'
idea that will be sure to get conversations started of days past...!

The Berry Crates are 4 X 4 X 3 Lids Made To Fit...Straight from the FaRMErS MArKet !!!

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LOLA Loves A Party____ Making 'simple'..."Simply Fabulous" !!!

EveryDay is a GIFT....Enjoy & have a Beautiful Celebration, Happy me:) LOLA.