Customized Large Toy Net, You pick the colors (Black, pink, yellow, navy, blue, light, dark, red, brown, grommet, eyelet, strong)


Product Info

There's no need to choose either durability or fashion, buy a toy net that has both...
This net will be crocheted with your choice of acrylic yarn (choices pictured above) that stretches to hold all of your stuffed animals and toys, but does not stretch out of place. It will been edged with your choice of ribbon edge (choices pictured above) and finished with metal grommets that won't stretch over time like purely crocheted nets will... Avoid a toy avalanche with a net that will stay in place for years to come!!
Hardware not included.
Front measurement is 45 inches

Just choose your net and edge colors from the drop down menus!

Looking for a different size, they come in the following sizes:

Mini- 25 inches across the front
Regular- 35 inches across the front
Large- 45 inches across the front
Jumbo- 55 inches across the front

*This hammock is made for storage only. Please keep out of reach of children*