Set of 30 Baby shower napkins or banner decor. Decorated with baby clothes on a clothesline. Cut in shape of lttle shirts.

wrapsidazy By wrapsidazy

Product Info

These baby shower napkins are absolutely adorable and sure to be a hit at your baby shower! Each one features the words Baby Shower, along with an adorable clothesline full of baby laundry. Each napkin is cut into the shape of baby laundry, too!!
Suitable for boy or girl shower. This listing is for a set of 30 napkins.
Use as napkins of course, AND hang a few over a ribbon for an instant banner! See last photo to get an idea of what my napkins look like as a banner.

Each napkin is 6" long and 5" across, is double ply and opens up to double this size, as in one of the pictures in the listing.

Each one is very slightly different depending on the cut of the napkin.

Non-smoker in a non-smoking home.

Actual emails from satisfied customers:

"The napkins couldn't have been more precious! I hung [some] along the edge of the table over ribbon and I it was the mom-to-be's favorite thing!"

"I couldn't even try to describe how cute these are,,, soooo pleased. Tk u:) "