50 % OFF DINO-MITE: Dinosaur Themed Birthday Cupcake Toppers/Smash Cake Topper Decor Assorted Colors, Double-Sided (Set of 12)

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Unlike any other you get several different brightly colored dinos!
Set a scene and top your cupcakes with these awesome dino toppers. OR top your smashcake with these & you could even combine this with my official Smashcake topper sign!
They come in various colors to add that little bit of pop to the party. Each one varies in size from 3 inches tall to 4 inches long depending on the type of dinosaur. I use 12" thin (still sturdy) wooden dowels, so that they're easy to cut when you create your land of dinosaurs!

All dinos have been distressed along the edges with black ink and adorned with googly eyes!
**DOUBLE SIDED** so you can have them facing any way!

I recommend cutting the dowels to desired size and keeping the dowel for the pteradactyl (flying dino) long so that it looks like it's soaring above all the other dinos.

Thank you